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At UCSF the following structure of academic titles is recognized.

Clinical Associate: This title is used for physicians who desire to obtain additional training as observers or participants, on a limited basis, in a particular departmental program. Some physicians who are not board eligible are given this title and may participate in clinical teaching

Clinical Instructor: This title is given to junior faculty who have limited teaching experience or who are eligible but not yet certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (or its equivalent). Promotion may be considered after 2 years of service

Assistant Clinical Professor: This title is the most common in the Department of Medicine. It is bestowed on faculty who are board certified and have consistently demonstrated teaching skills and reliability. After 8 years of service, an Assistant Clinical Professor may be considered for promotion to Associate Clinical Professor.

Associate Clinical Professor: This title is reserved for faculty who have demonstrated superior teaching skills on a consistent basis. They are expected to provide mentoring to the trainees for whom they are responsible and to provide leadership to junior faculty colleagues. They are also expected to contribute time and expertise to the University, to the Department of Medicine, and to the community. After 6 years of service, an Associate Clinical Professor may be considered for promotion to Clinical Professor.

Clinical Professor: This title is conferred upon those few faculty who have demonstrated superior teaching skills, exemplary leadership, and outstanding clinical competence for many years. Only faculty who have made major academic or clinical contributions to the University and to their communities will be considered for this honor.

Clinical Professor Emeritus: This title is granted in recognition of long and distinguished service. It is conferred upon retirement only to faculty who have already attained the rank of Clinical Professor. Volunteer faculty are not eligible.

It must be emphasized that promotions are not automatic. Only the most skilled and respected physicians are accepted onto our faculty at any title, and the University is proud of all of them. If these titles are to retain their value they must be treated with respect. They are conferred judiciously on "the best of the best."

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