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Appointment Requirements
All volunteer clinical faculty, with the exception of clinical associates, are appointed for 2- or 3-year terms. All physicians must be licensed to practice by the State of California (note: VA faculty who do not have a California medical license, but are licensed in another state, are allowed to practice only at the VAMC). In order to maintain their appointments, faculty must commit to 50 hours per year of face-to-face teaching of UCSF registered trainees (medical students, residents and/or fellows). Instruction can be at any of the primary teaching hospitals of UCSF (Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco General Hospital, Mount Zion Medical Center, or the Veterans Administration Medical Center), at affiliated institutions (such as Highland Hospital in Alameda County and the University Medical Center in Fresno), or in private practices and other medical institutions.

Every year the faculty are expected to report their teaching activities to the Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs so that we can assist them in maintaining their appointments in good standing. We have created this web site to allow faculty to report on-line their courses and the hours taught each year. If for some reason a faculty member cannot meet the required teaching commitment, perhaps because of maternity leave, illness or travel, he or she may apply in writing, for a leave of absence from teaching (a maximum of 2 consecutive years may be granted). We want to help our faculty in any way we can.

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